DFS Pharma's quality system is based on the current applicable laws and regulations, where DFS’ suite of SOPs provide the framework of DFS Quality. All operations and activities related to human clinical trial studies are performed per GCP, and applicable FDA and international regulations.

DFS Pharma requires quality to be the responsibility of all staff involved in clinical studies and strives for continued improvement: Quality is not static - we must advance to reach it.


Based on years of sponsor-client interactions, DFS Pharma firmly believes in a transparent, honest, and open approach to foster an environment based on mutual respect.

DFS Pharma has built its processes to ensure that the best interests of clients are always served.

DFS Pharma’s Data Management teams are professional, accessible, and responsive. We provide positive, constructive feedback to sponsors based on our vast experience.


DFS Pharma has a highly experienced group of Clinical Data Managers to prepare your clinical data for statistical analysis and successful regulatory submission. The DFS Pharma Data Management Team has a breadth of experience that will provide expertise across a range of Therapeutic Areas.

DFS Pharma’s Clinical Data Managers are proactive problem-solvers, trained in our partnered dynamic Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) systems to maximize capabilities available to clients of all sizes.


DFS Pharma proactively solves problems in a dynamic, agile, and flexible approach.

DFS Pharma will work with clients to customize the Clinical Data Management user experience for you and your clinical sites utilizing innovative solutions and streamlined project teams allowing DFS Pharma to implement complex Data Management strategies easily and effectively.

DFS Pharma prides itself in our ability to adjust and adapt to sponsors' needs. Our close-knit team can accommodate client requests more efficiently than our larger CRO counterparts and our approach to problem solving enables us to quickly reshape workflow to best meet individual study demands.

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