Leaders in Clinical Data Management

DFS Pharma adapts to Sponsors’ needs. With a dynamic approach to problem-solving, our close-knit team works with each Sponsor, adjusting to meet individual study demands.

At DFS Pharma, we believe in providing quality data management services...

and custom designed data collection instruments for our clients and sponsors. DFS Pharma prides itself in leveraging some of the industry’s leading and most forward thinking SAAS EDC/CDMS vendors through key partnerships. From Phase I to Phase IV and Device studies, DFS Pharma provides the expertise and experience to prepare your clinical data for regulatory submission.

We Stand Out From the Crowd

Our goal is to provide the highest level of Data Management Support. DFS Pharma has decades of experience and is reinventing the Sponsor/CRO dynamic, working with specialized partners to exceed client expectations.

What We Do

DFS Pharma provides a variety of services to assure the highest quality in your clinical trial. From Database Build to Database Lock, DFS Pharma works hard to ensure your project’s ultimate success. Innovative solutions and dynamic project teams allow DFS Pharma to implement complex Data Management Strategies easily and effectively.

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